Design documentation development (on order)

Design documentation development (on order)

While carring an employment «Parametric profilograph’s tract» in cooperation with taganrog factory «PRIBOY» we performed a work on the conceptual, technical design and production of design documentation for the prototype of parametric profilograph. We received a great experience in the development of design documentation for a specific hydroacoustic equipment. Also was created a sketchy documentation and technical documentation of this project — the development of omni-directional sonar with electronic scanning.

In the process of equipment manufacture we accompanied the design documentation for the factory. Our employees interacted closely with workers of the factory and with the representation of the customer.

OKB «RITM» SFEDU employees were directly involved in testing of a prototype with mechanical, climatic and other tests. Also testing program and methods were developed, and official documentation was released.
For the set of operational documentation production we developed algorithmic, methodological and illustrative material.

The Design Bureau «RITM» SFEDU is working on the creation of test equipment systems, including hardware and software.
Employees of OKB «RITM» SFEDU are able to implement advisory support for preparing to development, implementation and maintenance of design documentation set for the products in the works.

Main technologies

A fundamental principle in the development of the documentation for all products is projecting the design using CAD, as well as the associated libraries and databases.
Used technologies allow us to design quality documentation in a relatively short period of time, with the possibility of further adjustment and modernization of the developed products.

Basis for technology of producing a set of design documentation is a principal scheme, performed in schemes editor, with a set of attributes that provide information about using it. As an editor of schemes we are using a «Schemage 2.5″ program, created by russian firm «GeeTeeSoft».
In the development of software tools from the CAD packages we use Delphi, Visual Basic, С++.