Development and design of analog and digital hardware

Development and design of analog and digital hardware

OKB «RITM» SFEDU develops sonar systems based on parametric antenna arrays.

In recent times we developed a number of unified modules, that allows to form hydroacoustic complexes of varying complexity and purpose on their basis, including omni-directional sonars with the possibility of three-dimensional water environment scanning.

The development of all electronic modules is based on digital signal processors from Analog Devices and programmable logic arrays from Altera.

We construct analog and digital circuits with import element base, that allows us to receive technical parameters of high quality, cause it is unrealizable on domestic element base. In addition, the SMD component mount technology can significantly reduce production time, as well as it reduces weight and dimensions of our products.

We design and manufacture:

  • Power amplifiers
  • Digital signal processing modules
  • Receiving modules
  • Interface modules

Below are examples of manufactured products.

Power amplifier — can produce 1.5 kW peak power at an efficiency of the order of 95%. Used for outputting a signal to the transmitter antenna.


Digital signal processing module – allows to form emission signals or to make processing of data with a specified number of lines in real-time


Receiving modules - can digitize an input data stream with a sampling frequency of 1 MHz, 16 bit


Interface module – is used to specify the TVG law and for connecting the system to PC via Ethernet